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Mesh Laundry Drying Basket

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Materials: Polyester
Dimension Basket: (48L x 48W x 50H)cm

♦ Fold and store away when not in use
♦ Large capacity for drying big-size apparel
♦ Windproof fastening mechanism for a safer hanging experience
♦ Well-ventilated and breathable mesh for quick dry
♦ Perfect for drying anything, especially socks, stuffed toys, slippers and heavy sweaters.

Transforming Laundry Day: The HOUZE Mesh Laundry Drying Basket Awaits!

At HOUZE, we've delved deep into the heart of everyday laundry dilemmas. Understanding the quirks of drying small or uniquely shaped items led us to craft an unparalleled solution: the HOUZE Mesh Laundry Drying Basket Collection. Let's take you on a journey that changes your laundry narrative!

Innovation Meets Everyday Practicality

The world of laundry can be tricky, with its small, tricky-to-dry items and larger pieces. Enter our solution: the HOUZE Mesh Laundry Drying Basket, meticulously crafted from top-tier polyester mesh. This magic material offers optimal airflow, ensuring speedy drying while keeping your cherished items in impeccable shape. And with Singapore's dynamic weather? Our windproof hook and compact foldable form come to the rescue!

Not Just a Basket – It's a HOUZE Revelation!

There's more to the HOUZE Mesh Laundry Drying Basket than meets the eye. Beyond its spacious interior fit for everything from teddies to jumpers, it boasts a windproof fastening system. No gusty day can challenge it! But why 'HOUZE'? Because this isn't just about laundry, we pledge to revolutionise your home environment, making it a haven of efficiency and practical flair.

Discover Tomorrow's Laundry Genius: Today

Unfold the myriad advantages of our Mesh Laundry Drying Basket Collection. Tailored to streamline your laundry process, it epitomises unmatched convenience. With its superior ventilation and windproof attributes, whether dainty or bulky, drying garments becomes a cinch. Let the HOUZE Mesh Laundry Drying Basket redefine your laundry experience, ensuring your space remains tidy and your attire impeccable.

Embrace the HOUZE Evolution: A Laundry Game-Changer Step into the future with HOUZE. Our Mesh Laundry Drying Basket isn't just another laundry accessory; it's a revolution. Elevate your laundry ritual, focusing on what matters most - simplicity, efficiency, and impeccable care. With the HOUZE Mesh Laundry Drying Basket by your side, create a home atmosphere brimming with love and care. After all, every nuance is crucial in transforming a house into a cherished HOUZE.

HOUZE - Mesh Laundry Drying Basket

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