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PANDY Spin Mop Set with Dual Buckets - Kitchen | Bathroom | Cleaning | Washing | Drying | Stainless Steel

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Material: Microfiber Mop, PP Bucket, Stainless Steel Pole

Set Included

  • Water Capacity: 2.5 L
  • Mop Bucket: (28.5L x 28.5W x 19H)cm
  • Mop Pole: 109cm-132cm
  • Square Mop Plate: (22cm x 22cm)
  • 2 pcs. Square Mop Refill Pad

Modernise Your Cleaning Routine with HOUZE - PANDY Spin Mop Set!

Unleash Effortless Cleaning with HOUZE - PANDY's Ingenious Design

Welcome to the future of household cleaning! The HOUZE - PANDY Spin Mop Set is a groundbreaking innovation, meticulously crafted to transform your cleaning tasks into an effortless, enjoyable experience. Specially designed for the discerning Singaporean customer, this set is the epitome of efficiency and convenience.

Experience Unmatched Durability and Performance

A harmonious blend of premium materials is at the heart of this cleaning marvel. The ultra-absorbent Microfiber Mop guarantees impeccable cleaning, while the robust PP Bucket ensures lasting durability. Complemented by a Stainless Steel Pole, this mop set promises effective cleaning and remarkable longevity.

Inspired by Modern Lifestyles: A Cleaning Revolution

Born from a deep understanding of busy Singaporean lifestyles, the HOUZE - PANDY Spin Mop Set is engineered to meet your every cleaning need. Its design mirrors our fast-paced, efficiency-driven world, offering a quick and thorough solution for maintaining a spotless living space.

PANDY: Power Meets Efficiency in Cleaning

The "PANDY" in its name embodies a perfect synergy of power and user-friendliness, mirroring the set's ability to deliver thorough cleaning with minimal effort. "HOUZE", on the other hand, represents our unwavering commitment to simplifying your life with high-quality household solutions.

Dual Buckets for Maximum Efficiency: A Cleaning Game-Changer

Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional mopping with the HOUZE - PANDY Spin Mop Set's dual-bucket system. This innovative feature allows you to separate clean and dirty water, drastically enhancing your cleaning efficiency and reducing effort. The 2.5L capacity, Square Mop Plate, and Refill Pads make this set a complete solution for all your cleaning needs.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Experience with HOUZE - PANDY

The HOUZE - PANDY Spin Mop Set with Dual Buckets is more than just a cleaning tool - it's a revolution in home maintenance. Designed with precision and care, it's tailored to meet the unique demands of Singaporean households. Upgrade to this innovative mop set and witness a transformation in your cleaning routine, achieving a cleaner, more efficient home effortlessly. 


HOUZE - PANDY Spin Mop Set with Dual Buckets - Kitchen | Bathroom | Cleaning | Washing | Drying | Stainless Steel

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