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[Updated] Sechoir '3 Fold' Winged Airer Rack - Laundry | Rack | Organizer | Towels

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Material: PP, Iron, Pipe Diameter, 16/12*0.4 +2.5
Dimension (Open): (182L x 51W x 102H)cm
Dimension (Closed): (117L x 50W x 4H)cm


♦ A hassle-free three-fold drying solution for clothes - has more bearing capacity for storage or drying of larger load of clothes
♦ Capped plastic legs to protect flooring and increase stability
♦ Easy-to-use open/close mechanism with rotating shaft
♦ Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
♦ Easy assembly, no tools required
♦ Space saving design, collapsible - folds flat when not in use for easy storage

Revolutionize Laundry with HOUZE Séchoir: Stylish, Durable, Space-Savvy!

Meet HOUZE Séchoir: the stylish, space-saving '3 Fold' Winged Airer Rack. It's durable, sleek, and perfect for modern homes. This chic, efficient laundry solution offers ample drying space and clutter-free living.

A Name That Speaks Volumes The HOUZE collection's name is a clever play on words, combining 'house' and 'maze' to reflect our products' sophisticated yet straightforward nature. 'Séchoir', French for 'dryer', adds a touch of elegance, while '3 Fold' highlights the rack's space-efficient design. The 'Winged Airer Rack' aspect signifies its functional beauty, encapsulating the essence of our innovative range. 

Introducing the HOUZE '3 Fold' Winged Airer Rack – a sleek, black laundry game-changer for your Singapore home. Why you'll love it:

Space-Saving Design: Compact at 5 cm when closed; extends to a roomy 180 cm.
Solid and Stylish: Built with high-quality PP and iron, supporting up to 14 KG of laundry.
Simple to Use: Effortlessly unfolds from a sleek form to a sturdy drying station.
Easy Upkeep: A breeze to clean, staying pristine for longer.
Eco-Conscious: Promotes air drying, lessening energy use and carbon footprint.
Elegant Look: Enhances your home with its minimalist black finish. Perfect for modern, eco-friendly Singapore living, the HOUZE Rack transforms laundry drying into an effortless, stylish affair.

Experience the Versatility of Sechoir '3 Fold' Winged Airer Rack HOUZE - Séchoir '3 Fold' Winged Airer Rack - Laundry | Rack | Organizer | Towels HOUZE - Séchoir '3 Fold' Winged Airer Rack - Laundry | Rack | Organizer | Towels [Updated] Sechoir '3 Fold' Winged Airer Rack - Laundry | Rack | Organizer | Towels

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