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'SLIM' Aluminium 2/3/4 Tier Ladder

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Material: Aluminum Alloy, Virgin Polypropylene, Metal

2 Tier

Dimension-Open: (446.6L x 58W x 105.8H)cm
Dimension-Close: (46.6L x 5.5W x 116.3H)cm

3 Tier

Dimension-Open: (46.6L x 75W x 128.7H)cm
(46L x 5W x 141H)cm

4 Tier
Dimension-Open: (47.7L x 92.1W x 151.5H)cm
Dimension-Close: (46L x 5W x 165H)cm

HOUZE 'SLIM' Ladder: The Perfect Fit for Singapore's Modern Homes!

Singapore's city heartbeat requires solutions combining seamless practicality with a space-conscious mindset. Introducing the HOUZE 'SLIM' Aluminium 2/3/4-Tier Ladder Collection, a masterstroke in household innovation. Moulded from the finest Aluminium Alloy, Virgin Polypropylene, and robust Metal components, here's where lasting quality meets sheer elegance.

A Ladder That Understands Your Space Needs
Space is a luxury in our city-state, and our 'SLIM' Ladder Collection addresses that. Every design nuance embodies ergonomic brilliance and a steadfast commitment to safety. Proudly certified under EN14183, this gem of a ladder is a dream to store. At just 5.5cm in width when closed, it's as if storage concerns never existed. It's our answer to modern Singaporeans' call for innovation combined with daily utility.

Meet the Star: The 2/3/4-Tier Wonder.

The HOUZE 'SLIM' Aluminium 2/3/4-tier Ladder shines bright in our collection. The ladder's open dimensions vary with tiers - for the 2-tier, it stands at (46.6L x 58W x 105.8H)cm; the 3-tier measures (47L x 75W x 129H)cm; and the 4-tier extends to (47L x 92W x 152H)cm. When closed, each tier transforms into a sleek silhouette with compact dimensions - (46.6L x 5.5W x 116.3H)cm for the 2-tier, (47L x 5.5W x 141H)cm for the 3-tier, and (47L x 5.5W x 166H)cm for the 4-tier. 
Striking the perfect chord between utility and space-saving, its robustness is evident with a Max Load 150. The skid-resistant latch and non-slip steps ensure every climb is a safe one. And, being aluminium-crafted, it's feather-light yet formidable, collapsing gracefully when it's time to rest.

Experience Elevated Living with HOUZE 'SLIM'
Wave farewell to the cumbersome and welcome the streamlined with our HOUZE 'SLIM' Aluminium 2/3/4-Tier Ladder. Beyond just a ladder, it's a design marvel that amplifies your space while guaranteeing reliability.

With its impressive 150 kg load capacity, top-notch safety features, and a tactile non-slip step surface, it truly is safety incarnate. Its light aluminium frame ensures effortless portability, and its slim profile is a testament to space innovation. With HOUZE, redefine your living standards. Opt for 'SLIM', and let every step elevate your Singaporean home experience.

  • The ladder performance requirements and suitability of use are certified with EN14183
  • Max Load: 150Kgs
  • Skid-Resistant - The safety latch register keeps you protected
  • Non-slip surface on each ladder step
  • Aluminium makes it ultra-lightweight
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Foldable for easy transport and storage


HOUZE - 'SLIM' Aluminium 2/3/4 Tier Ladder HOUZE - 'SLIM' Aluminium 2/3/4 Tier Ladder HOUZE - 'SLIM' Aluminium 2/3/4 Tier Ladder

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