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The Clean Water Spin Mop Refill

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Material: Microfiber
Product Dimension: (24 L x 24 W) cm

Experience HOUZE's Cleaning Revolution!

Embrace HOUZE's Spin Mop: a fusion of Microfiber brilliance and modern design. Achieve flawless, fast-drying floors and champion sustainability with our refill promise. Dive into effortless cleaning magic with HOUZE!

Step Up Your Cleaning Game with HOUZE!

Dive into a smarter way to clean:

  • Microfiber Mastery: Bid farewell to tedious scrubbing. Swipe away dirt and dust effortlessly. ⚡
  • Flash-Dry, Streak-Free: Floors that gleam in no time, sans streaks.
  • Universal Floor Love: Perfect for every floor type, from hardwood to tile.
  • Compact Elegance: A space-savvy 24L x 24W cm design.
  • Stylish Statement: More than a tool, it's a chic home addition.
  • Eco-Friendly: Built for longevity with a sustainable refill system. 

Join us on this eco-conscious cleaning journey with the HOUZE - Easy Clean Spin Mop - Refill. Your home (and planet) will thank you! 🌱


HOUZE - The Clean Water Spin Mop Refill

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