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The Easy Scratch Self-cleaning Mop (Beige) - Kitchen | Bathroom | Hands-free | Flat Mop

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Material: Stainless steel, PP Plastic, Microfiber
Mop: (19.8 L x 17 W x 120H)cm
Bucket: (20L x 17W x 37H)cm

"Transform Your Cleaning with HOUZE's Magic Mop!" 

Achieve spotless floors effortlessly with our Easy Scratch Cleaning Mop. With its 360-degree rotation, it easily reaches every corner and suited for all kinds of floors. The mop's comfortable cotton handle, convenient, storage design, and integrated drain ensure a comfortable and hygienic cleaning experience. Experience the ease of removing dirty water with just three up and down motions. Make cleaning a breeze with our Easy Scratch Self-cleaning Mop.

Elevate Your Cleaning with HOUZE's Beige Beauty!

Meet the HOUZE - Easy Scratch Cleaning Mop in chic beige. It's not just any mop, but an elegant tool tailored for our homes:

  • Unrivalled Versatility: Flawlessly cleans hardwood, vinyl, and more.
  • Built to Last: Made from top-tier materials like ABS and Microfiber.
  • Swift Setup: Assemble effortlessly and dive straight into cleaning.
  • Compact Elegance: Space-saving and sleek for our city apartments.
  • Hygiene Reinvented: Features an in-built drain for hassle-free water disposal.
  • Chic in Beige: It's not just a mop but a stylish addition to your home.

Singapore, are you ready to step up your cleaning game with HOUZE? 

HOUZE Unveils The Chic Beige Revolution in Cleaning!

Bringing Elegance to Cleaning:

Introducing our HOUZE - Easy Scratch Cleaning Mop collection, glowing in a sophisticated Beige tint. Transform how you see cleaning with our novel tools that promise to make the chore seamless and stylish. With top-notch materials like ABS, PP, Metal Tube, and Microfiber, we present mops that stand the test of time and task.

Craftsmanship Meets Utility:

Dedicated to the fine folks of Singapore, our mission was clear: Blend convenience with hygiene and efficacy. Inspired by the universal need for a versatile mop across all floor surfaces, this collection is our answer to the future of home cleanliness.

Star of the Show:

Meet the shining gem of our collection - The HOUZE - Easy Scratch Cleaning Mop in Beige. With a 360-degree spin, it promises to caress every nook and cranny of your abode, ensuring cleanliness is in every corner. The plush cotton handle feels like a dream, and the nifty storage design, coupled with an in-built drain, is the epitome of convenience. Names with Meaning: Why "HOUZE"? Because we're passionate about metamorphosing your dwelling into a pristine sanctuary. "Easy Scratch" represents its delicate yet potent cleaning magic, and the "Beige" hue? Well, that's for a dash of chic in your cleaning routine.

Experience the Breeze in Cleaning:

End the tiring cleaning sagas. With the HOUZE - Easy Scratch Cleaning Mop, watch dirt vanish in three swift motions, turning cleaning from a task to a delight. Keep your home spick-and-span without a smidge of hassle. Elevate your cleaning saga with our Beige beauty.

Clean now with our Easy Scratch Cleaning Mop!

Why see cleaning as a mundane task? Embrace a refined, efficient future with the HOUZE - Easy Scratch Cleaning Mop in Beige. Revel in spotless floors, feel the cleanliness, and redefine your home cleaning narrative. Your floors, and indeed your home, will beam with gratitude. It's time for a cleaning evolution! 


The Easy Scratch Self-cleaning Mop (Beige) - Kitchen | Bathroom | Hands-free | Flat Mop

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