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The Miracle Drying Rack

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Material: Steel tube, Co-Virgin Polypropylene
Dimension-Open: (174L x 54.3W x 99H)cm
Dimension-Close: (54.3L x 112.5H)cm


♦ Able to hold up to 26Kgs
♦ Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
♦ Single-handed operation
♦ Easy open/close mechanism
♦ Non-slip feet, To protect flooring and increase stability
♦ No installation needed

Unveiling HOUZE: The Ultimate Drying Revolution!

Dive into a world where laundry meets luxury! Introducing the HOUZE - Miracle Drying Rack collection - a blend of artistry and practicality destined to redefine your laundry encounters. Constructed with the finest materials, resilient steel tubes, and robust polypropylene joints, we've tailored a solution that intertwines durability with style.

Meet the Showstopper: HOUZE's Miracle Drying Rack

Stretching at an impressive 174cm in length, 54.3cm in width, and standing tall at 99cm, our HOUZE - Miracle Drying Rack is nothing short of a laundry marvel. Designed with your garments in mind, this piece accommodates an astounding 40 drying lines, ensuring every attire, from the daintiest scarf to the heaviest jumper, finds its spot. And once the day's work is done? Fold and tuck it away. Its anti-slip feet guarantee stability while caring for your precious floors. Indeed, it is a masterpiece in the realm of laundry!

Why 'Miracle'? Because It Simply Is!

When we branded this the "HOUZE - The Miracle Drying Rack", it wasn't mere hyperbole. It encapsulates the revolutionary shift this product offers in your laundry routine. Every feature, every inch, has been designed keeping in mind a world where laundry isn't a chore but a delight. Designed with a keen eye on the Singapore market, our vision is crystal clear - to transform laundry days, one home at a time.

Step into a World of Laundry Euphoria with HOUZE

Imagine a world where laundry woes are a thing of the past. The HOUZE - Miracle Drying Rack brings that vision to life. With its 40 drying lines, every garment finds its rightful place. Its foldable design is a nod to modern homes with premium space. Crafted with unparalleled quality materials, this drying rack promises to be your laundry companion for years. Embrace the future of laundry with HOUZE - and watch your laundry days transform from mundane to magical. Welcome to an era of uncomplicated, spacious, and proficient laundry experiences. Welcome to HOUZE!

HOUZE - The Miracle Drying Rack The Miracle Drying Rack The Miracle Drying Rack The Miracle Drying Rack The Miracle Drying Rack The Miracle Drying Rack The Miracle Drying Rack The Miracle Drying Rack The Miracle Drying Rack

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