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TOCAR Swing Bookshelf - Natural

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Material: Wood
Dimension: (46.5L x 46.5W x 101H)cm

Unveiling the Marvel of Neatness: The HOUZE - TOCAR Swing Bookshelf in Elegant Natural

Transform Your Playroom with Effortless Elegance

Bid farewell to playtime chaos with our latest innovation: the HOUZE - TOCAR Swing Bookshelf in a sleek natural finish. This ingenious piece, crafted with the bustling Singaporean household in mind, is your ultimate ally in organising your child's growing book collection. Its space-efficient design and substantial storage capacity make it an ideal addition to any home, tackling the common issue of limited space with style and functionality.

Experience the Fusion of Durability and Natural Beauty

Handpicked for its enduring quality and sustainable ethos, the Natural Birch Plywood construction of the HOUZE - TOCAR collection epitomises our dedication to excellence. This material choice guarantees a long-lasting product and imparts a classic, clean look that seamlessly integrates into your home decor, echoing the purity and curiosity of childhood.

Encouraging Young Minds to Flourish

At the heart of the HOUZE - TOCAR Swing Bookshelf Collection lies a vision to nurture independence and creativity in children. The innovative two-way 360° rotation feature is designed to entice young explorers to delve into their world of stories and adventures. Thoughtfully constructed at an ideal height for small hands and equipped with a safety rod for stability, this collection is a harmonious blend of practicality, aesthetic appeal, and safety - the pillars of contemporary parenting.

Showcasing the Jewel in the Crown: The Natural Swing Bookshelf

Meet the crowning glory of our collection - the HOUZE - TOCAR Swing Bookshelf in Natural. Its minimalist design and generous capacity, capable of housing up to 200 storybooks, make it an indispensable tool for organising your playroom. The pristine white finish adds an element of sophistication, elevating the ambience of your space while seamlessly fitting into your interior design.

TOCAR: A Name Synonymous with Wonder and Exploration

"TOCAR" is a name chosen to mirror children's playful and inquisitive nature as they engage with their books. It's a word that resonates with imagination and awe, aligning perfectly with the essence of this collection, aimed at inspiring the young minds of your loved ones.

Revolutionise Your Playroom with the Chic HOUZE - TOCAR Swing Bookshelf - Natural

Transform your space and how your children experience and interact with their books. Welcome a new era of storytime filled with exploration, independence, and a beautifully ordered playroom. Embrace the charm and functionality of the HOUZE - TOCAR Swing Bookshelf - Natural, and watch as it turns clutter into a well-organised haven of adventures.

♦ 360° two-way rotatable for ease of access
♦ Perfect height for children to reach
♦ Safety rod to prevent books from toppling
♦ Durable, smooth edge and sturdy
♦ Holds up to 200 story books
♦ Natural Birch Plywood

HOUZE - TOCAR Swing Bookshelf - Natural

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