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KLEEN Bathroom Cleaning Sponge

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Materials: PP, PP Fibre
Product Dimensions: (9L x 4.5W x 16.5H)cm

Unveiling HOUZE - KLEEN: The Ultimate Bathroom Sponge You've Been Waiting For!

Welcome to a new dawn in home cleaning, where efficiency meets style! At HOUZE, we believe in crafting not just products but experiences. The HOUZE - KLEEN Bathroom Cleaning Sponge Collection is here, promising to change how you perceive cleaning.

Innovation Meets Practicality: The Genius Behind HOUZE - KLEEN

Our sponges are gentle yet incredibly durable, constructed with top-notch polypropylene (PP) and PP fibre. Think of them as the unsung heroes of your bathroom, fighting grime with elegance. Their interchangeable heads ensure that every tiny nook and cranny shines, reflecting our attention to detail.

The Perfect Dimensions for Your Home

The ideal size, 9.5W x 2.2H cm for the sponge and 14.3 cm for the handle, ensures that your cleaning is thorough and effortless. Say goodbye to unwieldy tools that are more of a hassle than help!

The Star Feature: A Sponge Like No Other

Every collection has its showstopper; ours is undoubtedly the HOUZE - KLEEN Bathroom Cleaning Sponge. With its telescopic pole, high corners become easily accessible. The sponge's washable nature and unique hanging hole make it a standout, ensuring tidiness and longevity.

Tackling Singapore's Humidity with Elegance

For our dear Singaporean customers, we've got you covered! We understand the challenges that the local climate can bring. With the HOUZE - KLEEN Collection, ensure that your bathroom remains a sanctuary of freshness and cleanliness.

Transform Your Cleaning Routine

No more endless scrubbing or hard-to-reach spots. Our sponge's elegant design ensures that every stain is addressed, every corner is cleaned, and your bathroom remains impeccable.

Elevate Your Home's Cleanliness Quotient with HOUZE - KLEEN

Why settle for mediocrity when excellence is within reach? Dive into the world of smart cleaning with HOUZE-KLEEN and redefine your cleaning standards.
Embark on this exciting journey of pristine cleanliness with us. Let HOUZE-KLEEN be your trusted companion, ensuring a bathroom that looks clean and feels it, too!

- Lightweight and convenient
- Attach a Telescopic Pole to reach high corners
- Removes stubborn stains easily
- Reach tight crevices and corners
- Washable in warm, soapy water after use
- Design with hanging hole for easy drying and storing
- Material: PP and PP Fiber

HOUZE - KLEEN Bathroom Cleaning Sponge KLEEN Bathroom Cleaning Sponge KLEEN Bathroom Cleaning Sponge KLEEN Bathroom Cleaning Sponge KLEEN Bathroom Cleaning Sponge

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