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KLEEN Handy Broom

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Material: PP, PP Fibre
Product Dimension: (22L x 1.5W x 18H)cm

Sweep into the Future: HOUZE - KLEEN's Elegant Broom Collection

Craftsmanship Meets Elegance in Cleaning:

Hand in hand with precision and flair, the HOUZE - KLEEN Handy Broom Collection turns mundane cleaning into a delightful task. Our brooms, created from superior PP and PP Fibre, promise lasting resilience, ensuring they care for even the most delicate surfaces in your abode.

Not Just a Broom, It's a Revolution:

Immerse yourself in the fusion of innovation and utility. Our collection mirrors the brilliance of contemporary smart homes. With its swappable head, feather-light structure, and extendable pole, the HOUZE - KLEEN Handy Broom ensures that you'll never look at cleaning the same way again.

What's Behind the Name? More than You Think!

Ever pondered the power of names? "HOUZE" captures the heart of a dwelling, while "KLEEN" resonates with pristine clarity. Together, they stand as pillars for our collection, echoing our promise to Singapore's esteemed patrons: first-rate, trustworthy cleaning solutions.

Outstanding Features, Brilliant Benefits:

The magic lies in the details. With superfine fibres adept at entrapping the most minor specks, this broom isn't just a tool; it's an ally. And worry not about maintaining its elegance - its washable nature ensures its readiness. Moreover, its thoughtful hanging slot ensures easy storage and swift drying.

Step into the Bright Future of Cleaning:

The HOUZE - KLEEN Handy Broom Collection isn't just about cleaning; it's a transformative experience. In an era that values sparkle and simplicity, our collection ensures your home isn't just clean but radiantly so.

The new era of impeccable cleaning beckons. Choose HOUZE - KLEEN Handy Broom Collection and elevate every cleaning moment. Let every nook and cranny of your dwelling sparkle with minimal effort.

- Lightweight and convenient
- Attach a Telescopic Pole to clean the floor surface
- Superfine fibres that collect dust effectively
- Traps dirt and hair easily
- Washable in warm, soapy water after use
- Design with hanging hole for easy drying and storing
- Material: PP and PP Fiber

KLEEN Handy Broom KLEEN Handy Broom KLEEN Handy Broom KLEEN Handy Broom KLEEN Handy Broom HOUZE - KLEEN Handy Broom

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