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KLEEN Laundry Fork

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Material: Polypropylene (PP)
Product Dimension: (7.5L x 2W x 14.5L)cm

Unearth the Magic of Laundry: Discover the HOUZE KLEEN Laundry Fork

Easy as a Snap, Sturdy as an Oak!

Experience unmatched convenience with the HOUZE KLEEN Laundry Fork! Crafted with lightweight plastic, this nifty tool is effortless to manoeuvre and a breeze to store. Whether you tuck it into your laundry basket or nestle it amongst your cupboard essentials, it's designed to fit seamlessly into your life.

Endurance Beyond Expectations

Wave goodbye to wear and tear. Our Laundry Fork promises longevity and an admirable resistance to the elements. With its rust and corrosion-proof build, this investment is here to stay.

Effortless Mastery in Your Hands

Navigate your laundry day with newfound ease. Designed for everyone, the laundry fork is particularly beneficial for those with mobility concerns. With a simple hook and pull, let the robust teeth grip onto your garments, ensuring a smooth transfer every time. It covers you from the washer to the dryer or drying rack.

A Tool for Every Task

Beyond its foundational use, the HOUZE KLEEN Laundry Fork is your multitasking marvel. Delve into its versatility, whether you're hanging delicates, removing them post-drying, or even fluffing your plush pillows and cosy blankets. It's the Swiss army knife of laundry tools.

Elegance Meets Economy

High quality only sometimes comes with a hefty price tag. This is where the HOUZE KLEEN Laundry Fork strikes the perfect balance. A modest investment for every Singaporean home, it promises to reinvent how you perceive laundry day.

Behind the Brilliance

Our HOUZE KLEEN Laundry Fork isn't just a tool; it's a legacy. While drawing inspiration from the age-old traditional laundry fork, we've interlaced it with contemporary flair, ensuring it's functional and a delight to the user.

In a Name, A Commitment

'HOUZE KLEEN Laundry Fork'. The name is more than words; it's our solemn promise. It encapsulates our dedication to delivering top-notch home cleaning solutions to your doorstep.

A Laundry Revolution Awaits

The dawn of a new laundry era is upon us with the HOUZE KLEEN Laundry Fork. Every Singapore home deserves this sprinkle of magic, making laundry not just a chore but a delightful experience.

Immerse yourself in Singapore, in a world where laundry meets luxury. Don't just wash. Elevate with HOUZE KLEEN.

- Lightweight and convenient
- Attach a Telescopic Pole to reach a high area
- Hand clothes securely and easily
- Design with hanging hole for easy drying and storing
- Material: PP

HOUZE - KLEEN Laundry Fork KLEEN Laundry Fork KLEEN Laundry Fork KLEEN Laundry Fork

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