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KLEEN Tile Scrub Brush

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Material: PP, PP Fibre
Product Dimensions: (7.5L x 4.5W x 17H)cm

Elevate Every Scrub: Discover the HOUZE - KLEEN Tile Scrub Brush Collection

Modern Craftsmanship at its Finest:

In the bustling heart of contemporary homes, the HOUZE - KLEEN Tile Scrub Brush Collection emerges, redefining your cleaning regimen. Sculpted from superior PP and PP Fibre, these enduring instruments stand the test of time and transform mundane chores into moments of satisfaction.

The Backbone of Superiority - PP and PP Fibre:

Delving into the core of its resilience, the blend of PP (polypropylene) and the reinforced strength of PP Fibre sets this collection apart. Witness an impeccable blend of solidity and agility, promising a companion to stand by your side, scrub after scrub.

Where Aesthetics Meets Function:

Drawing inspiration from the rhythmic beat of modern Singapore living, the HOUZE - KLEEN Tile Scrub Brush Collection seamlessly marries elegance with efficiency. It's a nod to those who juggle the urban hustle and still crave cleaning tools that echo their dynamic spirit.

Your Quintessential Cleaning Ally:

Nestled amidst this collection is the crowning jewel - the HOUZE - KLEEN Tile Scrub Brush. With dimensions thoughtfully crafted for ease, its sleek 7.5cm width, 3.5cm height, and comfortable 13.5cm handle ensure it fits right into your hand. Dive into corners or sweep across tiles; its adaptable head ensures you miss no spot.

Decoding the Emblem - HOUZE - KLEEN:

It's more than just a name; it's a commitment. "HOUZE" encapsulates the essence of home, and "KLEEN" is our pledge to unparalleled cleanliness. Together, they form a promise of an abode that gleams with pride and sophistication.

The Symphony of Form and Function:

Elevating the mundane, the HOUZE - KLEEN Tile Scrub Brush Collection invites you to witness a blend of elegance and utility. Envision reaching the trickiest nooks with an attachable Telescopic Pole and effortlessly maintaining the brush with its easy-to-wash feature. The cherry on top? It is a hanging hole to let it be gracefully air-dry, ready for its next mission.

For discerning Singapore residents, the HOUZE - KLEEN Tile Scrub Brush Collection is not just a tool; it's an experience. Dive into a realm where cleaning isn't a chore but a cherished routine.

- Lightweight and convenient
- Attach Telescopic Pole to reach high corners
- Quality stiff bristles that scrubs efficiently
- Reach tight crevices and corners
- Washable in warm soapy water after using
- Design with hanging hole for easy drying and storing
- Material: PP and PP Fiber

HOUZE - KLEEN Tile Scrub Brush

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