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LIAO - Floor Squeegee

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Dimension: (44.5 L x 5 W x 138H)cm
Material: TPR, Virgin Polypropylene

LIAO Cleaning Supplies

Made with durable and high-efficacy materials that easily remove stubborn dirt and debris. Eco-friendly and ergonomic design keeps cleaning simple and fuss-free. Get sparkling clean with LIAO cleaning supplies.

♦ 45cm Stainless Steel Head
♦ Clip Design For Any Towels, Microfiber Cloths, Non-Woven Cloths
♦ EVA Has Good Flexibility And High Abrasion
♦ Water Stain Can Be Shaved Away Easily

Step Up Your Cleaning Game: Discover the HOUZE-LIAO Floor Squeegee by LIAO Cleaning Supplies

Welcome to a world where cleaning meets innovation and sustainability. LIAO Cleaning Supplies is thrilled to unveil the HOUZE-LIAO Floor Squeegee collection – your new ally in achieving a pristine home. Expertly engineered with virgin polypropylene, steel, and EVA, this collection stands as a beacon of quality and our dedication to eco-friendly practices. Measuring 44.5cm in length, 5cm in width, and 138cm in height, each squeegee features a robust 45cm Stainless Steel Head, complemented by a novel clip design that effortlessly holds various cleaning fabrics, from towels to microfiber cloths.

Innovation at Your Fingertips: A Squeegee That Understands Your Needs

The essence of the HOUZE-LIAO collection lies in its ability to simplify your cleaning routine through thoughtful design and cutting-edge technology. Inspired by the everyday challenges of modern households, this squeegee series is a giant leap in cleaning efficacy. Ergonomically designed, it makes cleaning not just easy but enjoyable. Our commitment to the environment shines through in this range, encouraging sustainable cleaning habits while ensuring remarkable results.

HOUZE-LIAO: Where Comfort Meets Quality

The HOUZE-LIAO name is a testament to our mission – to offer solutions that effortlessly blend into your lifestyle, making your home a haven of cleanliness and comfort. "HOUZE" reflects the sanctuary of your home, while "LIAO" symbolises our unwavering commitment to delivering superior cleaning supplies. This floor squeegee is the epitome of this ethos, assisting you in maintaining an immaculate living space with minimal effort.

Join the LIAO Revolution: Transform Your Cleaning Experience

Our floor squeegee is more than a tool; it revolutionises your cleaning routine. Bid farewell to the struggles with stubborn dirt and welcome the ease of effective cleaning. Its stainless steel head, adaptable clip design, and EVA flexibility make it the ultimate solution for a spotless home. Embrace our vision of a cleaner, more sustainable future, one swipe at a time. Choose simplicity, eco-friendliness, and LIAO Cleaning Supplies for a home that doesn't just look clean but feels refreshingly so. Your home and the planet will be grateful.

LIAO - Floor Squeegee LIAO - Floor Squeegee

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