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LIAO - Plunger

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Material: TPR, PVC
Dimension: 42L x 15W x 15H cm

Keep Toilets Hygienic with LIAO - Plunger

Keep your toilet or sinks in tip-top shape by using this LIAO - Plunger. It is made of elastic and flexible PVC that is effective in freeing up clogged plumbing that usually happens in toilets, sinks and showers. The material is durable and tough enough to do the job of unclogging pipes. The handle is also made of PVC which is sturdy and does not break easily. This plunger is non-toxic and safe to use.

LIAO - Plunger Features:

  • 100% durable PVC for sucker part and handle
  • Sucker is flexible and elastic
  • Handle is tough and does not break easily
  • Slim and space-saving
  • Hanging hole for easy storage

Stay Unclogged with HOUZE - LIAO - Plunger Collection

A Fusion of Strength and Flexibility: The Material Marvel

Discover the robust combination of TPR and PVC in the HOUZE - LIAO - Plunger Collection. The remarkable strength of PVC provides an unyielding foundation, ready to conquer the toughest clogs. In tandem, the elasticity of TPR ensures unmatched adaptability to various plumbing challenges. This blend doesn't just offer efficiency; it promises a long-lasting solution for your bathroom upkeep.

Innovative Design for Everyday Challenges

Inspired by the typical household dilemma of clogged pipes, the HOUZE - LIAO - Plunger Collection redefines bathroom hygiene. Designed for ease and efficiency, these plungers are tools and a testament to innovation. Their sleek, compact design effortlessly integrates into any bathroom décor, while the convenient hanging hole makes storage a breeze.

The Star of the Show: The HOUZE - LIAO - Plunger

Meet the hero of your bathroom maintenance routine - the HOUZE - LIAO - Plunger. Constructed from resilient PVC, it features a flexible sucker adept at handling stubborn blockages. The robust PVC handle ensures reliability during crucial moments. Its slender design and space-efficient form make it an ideal addition to any bathroom, always ready for action.

A Name Synonymous with Quality and Reliability

The "HOUZE - LIAO - Plunger" represents a commitment to excellence. "HOUZE" signifies high-quality household solutions, while "LIAO" echoes a dedication to maintaining optimal plumbing health. This name stands for trust, dependability, and a promise of a cleaner, healthier bathroom environment.

Unparalleled Benefits for a Superior Bathroom Experience

  • 🌟 Eliminate Clogs with Ease: Thanks to its flexible sucker and robust PVC build, the HOUZE - LIAO - Plunger tackles clogs in toilets, sinks, and showers effectively.
  • 🌟 Durability for the Long Haul: Constructed from high-quality PVC, this plunger is a lasting solution for your home.
  • 🌟 Convenient Storage Solution: Its slim profile and handy hanging hole ensure easy storage and accessibility.
  • 🌟 Safe and Non-Toxic: Peace of mind comes standard, knowing the HOUZE - LIAO - Plunger is non-toxic and family-friendly. Elevate your bathroom maintenance with the HOUZE - LIAO - Plunger Collection.

Embrace a future free from plumbing troubles and enter an era of pristine hygiene. Transform your bathroom into a haven of cleanliness with this exceptional series, designed with your needs in mind. 

HOUZE - LIAO - Plunger LIAO - Plunger LIAO - Plunger

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