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LIAO - Sponge Scourer

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LIAO Cleaning Supplies
Made with durable and high efficacy materials that get rids of stubborn dirt and debris easily. Eco-friendly and ergnomic design keeps cleaning simple and fuss-free. Get sparkly clean with LIAO cleaning supplies.

♦ Dimension : (10L x 7W x 3.5H)cm
♦ Comes in pack of 2
♦ 100% super absorbent sponge and tough scouring pad
♦ Multi-purpose sponge with dual side
♦ Sponge side for wiping and drying
♦ Scouring pad for scrubbing
♦ No harmful chemical components
♦ Gentle and non-irritating to the hands

Unveil the Magic of HOUZE - LIAO: The Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Companion

Transform Your Kitchen Cleaning Experience with the HOUZE - LIAO - Sponge Scourer collection, your new essential ally in kitchen cleanliness. Ingeniously crafted from a fusion of polyester and sponge, these 10L x 7W x 3.5H cm sponges are versatile in your cleaning arsenal. Tackle every kitchen chore with unparalleled ease, from wiping surfaces to scouring cookware.

The Secret Behind HOUZE - LIAO - Sponge Scourer

A commitment to practicality and effectiveness is at the heart of the HOUZE-LIAO collection. Featuring a 100% super absorbent sponge paired with a robust scouring pad, this dynamic duo is designed to handle everything - from soaking up spills to scrubbing away persistent grime. Enjoy a cleaning experience that's as gentle on your hands as it is tough on stains, thanks to its chemical-free composition.

Meet the Star: HOUZE - LIAO - Sponge Scourer

Elevate your cleaning routine with the star of the collection - the HOUZE - LIAO - Sponge Scourer. Designed for multifaceted use, one side of the sponge effortlessly wipes and dries while the other tackles tough messes without sweat. Wave goodbye to laborious scrubbing and embrace a world of easy, effective cleaning.

The Philosophy Behind HOUZE - LIAO: More Than Just a Name

HOUZE - LIAO is not just a brand; it's a philosophy. Derived from the "house" or "home" concept, it underscores the significance of maintaining a pristine and comfortable living space. "LIAO", symbolizing the act of cleaning, reflects the love and care you put into your home. This collection isn't just about cleaning - it's about cherishing your living environment.

Experience the Difference with HOUZE - LIAO

The HOUZE - LIAO - Sponge Scourer is not just a product; it's a revolution in kitchen cleaning. Embrace the power of its super absorbent sponge and hard-wearing scouring pad to keep your kitchen spotless. Say farewell to harsh chemicals and rough cleaning tools. Your hands will rejoice, and cleaning will become a joy. Welcome to the future of kitchen cleanliness with HOUZE - LIAO.

HOUZE - LIAO - Sponge Scourer LIAO - Sponge Scourer LIAO - Sponge Scourer LIAO - Sponge Scourer

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