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LIAO - 2 IN 1 Spray Mop & Window Cleaner Set

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Material: Aluminum, Microfiber, Virgin Polypropylene
Dimension: 38.5L x 7.5W x 123H cm

Spritz and clean with LIAO - 2 IN 1 Spray Mop & Window Cleaner Set

Cleaning is made much easier with LIAO - 2 IN 1 Spray Mop & Window Cleaner Set! This handy cleaning material can hold its own water supply in a refillable canister. It has a swivel head mechanism and sprays straight front for an absolute clean. The flat head is made of microfiber and refillable so it stays new and reusable. This is perfect for hard floors and tiles and is a great addition to your cleaning tools.

LIAO - 2 IN 1 Spray Mop & Window Cleaner Set Features:

  • 100% super-absorbent and soft microfiber mop
  • Built-in refillable canister and easy lever hold to spray
  • Removable and refillable microfiber flat head
  • Swivel head and straightforward spray
  • Ergonomic handle for hassle-free mopping

Discover the HOUZE - LIAO 2-IN-1 Spray Mop & Window Cleaner Set, a cleaning marvel tailored for Singapore homes:

  • Durable Materials: Crafted from Aluminum, Microfiber, and Virgin Polypropylene for long-lasting use. 2-in-1
  • Functionality: Easily switches between mopping floors and cleaning windows. Advanced Microfiber: Ultra-absorbent for streak-free cleaning on all surfaces. Refillable Canister: Offers continuous water supply for efficient cleaning. Swivel Head Design: Maneuvers effortlessly around furniture and into corners.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Reduces strain for a more comfortable cleaning experience.

Step into the future of convenient and effective home cleaning with the HOUZE - LIAO set – your partner for a cleaner, brighter home. Say goodbye to traditional cleaning hassles and hello to easy, sparkling results!

HOUZE - LIAO - 2 IN 1 Spray Mop & Window Cleaner Set

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