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Shower Brush - Length: 37cm (White)

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Material: -
Product Dimension:  8.1L x 3.5W x 36.4H cm

Discover the Elegance of the HOUZE - KLEEN Shower Brush Collection!

Masterfully Crafted Materials: Dive into the luxury of the HOUZE - KLEEN Shower Brush, meticulously designed using superior PP and Nylon. This isn't just a brush; it's an experience. PP guarantees enduring strength, whilst the tender Nylon bristles ensure every shower is gentle on your skin.

The Essence of HOUZE - KLEEN: Delve into our ethos - the perfect marriage of beauty and utility. Inspired by the quest for pristine cleanliness, our collection marries design with day-to-day practicality. The elongated handle is not just ergonomic; it's a statement. And with the cleverly added hanging hole, air-drying has never been more efficient.

Meet the Showstopper - The White Variant: This isn't just a brush. It's your premier bathing ally. Lightweight with a handy hanging rope, it's designed for utmost convenience. Yet, its pinnacle lies in its prowess to delicately slough away dead skin, promising a revitalising feel every time you shower.

The Tale of HOUZE - KLEEN: Our name signifies more than a brand. "HOUZE" is our dedication to enhancing your home sanctuary, while "KLEEN" is our ode to immaculate hygiene. The "White" in our shower brush? It's a nod to the natural, calming aura it ushers into your bathroom.

Benefits That Turn Heads: Elevate your bathing rituals with the HOUZE - KLEEN Shower Brush (White). With its far-reaching handle and soft nylon bristles, every shower is transformed into an exfoliating spa session. And the hanging hole? It promises a neat bathroom ambience.

For our esteemed Singapore clientele: Dive into a world of sophistication with HOUZE - KLEEN. Relish in unparalleled cleanliness, rejuvenate with every shower, and let the HOUZE-KLEEN Shower Brush (White) be your trusted confidant. Upgrade your bathing experience today!

  • Ultra-soft brush with soft filaments
  • perfect for all skin types
  • 143 holes for a more bushy and foamy wash
  • 37cm ergonomic handle made with 100% durable PP plastic
  • Hanging hole for easy storage and drying
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly

Shower Brush - Length: 37cm (White) Shower Brush - Length: 37cm (White) Shower Brush - Length: 37cm (White) Shower Brush - Length: 37cm (White) Shower Brush - Length: 37cm (White) Shower Brush - Length: 37cm (White) Shower Brush - Length: 37cm (White) Shower Brush - Length: 37cm (White) Shower Brush - Length: 37cm (White)

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