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'EDGY' 16L/35L/52L Storage Box (Smoke Grey)

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Material: Virgin Polypropylene

Colour: Transparent Black Box and Solid White Lid

Elevate with 'EDGY': The Storage Revolution Begins Here!

The 'EDGY' Appeal: Presenting HOUZE's 'EDGY' Collection - where class meets convenience. Dive into the HOUZE 'EDGY' 16L Storage Box in Smoke Grey, a manifestation of pure elegance moulded from premium Virgin Polypropylene. This exquisite storage solution isn't just any box, enveloped in a sophisticated smoked grey and crowned with a crisp white lid. It's a harmonious blend of style and utility, tailor-made to suit every corner of your modern living space, whether contemporary or minimalist. Choose from a trio of sizes – 16L, 32L, and 52L – to suit every storage dream you've ever had.

Urban Inspiration Meets Classic Design: What's the philosophy behind 'EDGY'? It's a tribute to the urbanite's flair for marrying contemporary aesthetics with everyday practicality. The smokey grey whispers tales of chic urban sophistication, while the untainted white lid speaks volumes of purity and understated elegance. Whether you're deep into contemporary vibes or sway towards minimalism, 'EDGY' is designed to be your home's stylish companion.

Compact Brilliance: The Star of 'EDGY': Now, spotlight on the 'EDGY' Collection's crowning jewel – the 16L Storage Box sans wheels in Smoke Grey. Small in size but monumental in impact, this box isn't here to store. It's here to make a statement. Even without the wheels, it promises to glide effortlessly into your lifestyle, embodying the essence of modern living with its sleek design.

Discover Elegance in Every Edge with 'EDGY': Say farewell to ordinary storage and usher in the era of 'EDGY'. The HOUZE 'EDGY' 16L Storage Box in Smoke Grey promises more than just space – it offers an experience. Its entrancing smoked grey ensemble, combined with a pristine white lid, is poised to transform any space. Designed for those who don't just chase style but live it, this compact marvel ensures your treasures are well-kept and within arm's reach. So, why wait? Transform your living spaces with a dash of 'EDGY' elegance today.


  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic 
  • 100% Virgin Material
  • Sturdy top handle for easy lifting
  • Great for home and office use
  • With wheels for easy moving
  • Snap-lock side handles firmly secure the tightness of the storage box.
  • Reinforced bottom for stacking reliability.
  • Solid colors
Internal Dimension Open Dimension
16L (31L - 33.5L) x (20.5W - 25W) x 20.5H 38L x 28W x 22H
35L (48L - 53L) x (30.5W - 35W) x 20.5H 56.5L x 38W x 23.8H
52L  - 56.5L x 38W x 32.5H

    HOUZE - 'EDGY' 16L/35L/52L Storage Box (Smoke Grey) HOUZE - 'EDGY' 16L/35L/52L Storage Box (Smoke Grey) HOUZE - 'EDGY' 16L/35L/52L Storage Box (Smoke Grey) HOUZE - 'EDGY' 16L/35L/52L Storage Box (Smoke Grey) HOUZE - 'EDGY' 16L/35L/52L Storage Box (Smoke Grey) HOUZE - 'EDGY' 16L/35L/52L Storage Box (Smoke Grey)

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