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LIAO Tornado Mop

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Material: Virgin Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, Microfiber
Dimension: 47.5L x 26W x 141H cm


  • 360° spinning mop and bucket system for quick drying
  • Mop is made of absorbent microfiber and is rotatable
  • Made of 100% eco-friendly materials
  • Available in one color
  • Comes with Tornado bucket, Mop pole, Mop disk and 2 Tornado mop heads

Unleash the Whirlwind of Clean: The HOUZE-LIAO Tornado Mop Collection!

Revolutionary Mopping Technology from LIAO Cleaning Supplies

Introducing the HOUZE-LIAO Tornado Mop Collection, a cutting-edge advancement in cleaning technology brought to you by LIAO Cleaning Supplies. These mops, expertly crafted from Virgin Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, and Microfiber, epitomise the ultimate fusion of durability, functionality, and eco-friendliness. They're not just mops; they're a testament to innovative cleaning.

Inspired by Nature, Perfected for Your Home

The essence of the HOUZE-LIAO Tornado Mop collection is borrowed from the relentless efficiency of a tornado. Designed to mimic this natural phenomenon, these mops offer swift, thorough cleaning, bringing the force of nature into your home cleaning regimen.

Meet the Star: The HOUZE-LIAO Tornado Mop

Its flagship product, the HOUZE-LIAO Tornado Mop, is at the heart of this innovative collection. This mop is a marvel of design and functionality - compact for easy storage, powerful like a tornado in its cleaning capability, and efficient in its primary mopping function.

Step into the Future of Effortless Cleaning

Embark on a new cleaning journey with the HOUZE-LIAO Tornado Mop. Comprising Virgin Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, and Microfiber, this mop is your ultimate ally in cleaning. Its super-absorbent microfiber head leaves no dirt or debris behind, while the convenient refillable canister and easy-to-use lever make mopping a breeze. Designed to reach every corner with its swivel head and ergonomic handle, it guarantees a hassle-free, thorough clean.

A New Era of Eco-Friendly and Efficient Mopping

Transform your cleaning routine with the eco-friendly and efficient HOUZE-LIAO Tornado Mop. Its innovative design ensures a powerful cleaning experience that's gentle on the environment. Its built-in canister means no more worries about constant refills. Experience the joy of easy, effective cleaning and bring a whirlwind of freshness to your home with this groundbreaking mop from LIAO Cleaning Supplies.

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