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Ace Your Makeup Game in Singapore with Stunning Organisers for Every Beauty Lover!

May 9, 2023 Ken Tan

Keeping your makeup organised and easily accessible is essential for any beauty enthusiast. However, with countless makeup organisers on the market, selecting the perfect one can take time and effort. Fret not! We've rounded up the top makeup organisers for you.

Double Tier Make Up Buddy

Ideal for those with an extensive makeup collection, the Double Tier Makeup Buddy can hold up to 50 products. Featuring two storage tiers, the top tier accommodates more oversized items like palettes, while the bottom tier has compartments for lipsticks and smaller items.


4 Tier Slim Cabinet

Need more space? The 4-Tier Slim Cabinet is your go-to. With four storage tiers, it fits into tight spaces like shelves or countertops. The modern design complements any decor.


Single Tier Make Up Buddy

The Single Tier Makeup Buddy is perfect for smaller makeup collections. Boasting a single storage tier with various compartments, it can hold up to 25 products. It is excellent for travel because it is lightweighted.


360 Degree Round Make Up Holder

The 360 Degree Round Make Up Holder is a unique rotating organiser, allowing easy access to all your beauty products. It offers 18 compartments in varying sizes for all your makeup essentials.


360 Degree Square Make Up Holder

Like the round version, the 360 Degree Square Make Up Holder has a square shape and 16 compartments of varying sizes. However, the square shape makes it a better fit for tight spaces.


Spiral Cosmetic Organiser

The Spiral Cosmetic Organiser, with its distinctive spiral design, features six storage tiers and can hold up to 80 products. In addition, the design allows for storing various product sizes and shapes.


Lipstick Organiser

The Lipstick Organiser is a must-have for collectors, offering 24 compartments for up to 24 lipsticks. It is easy to carry it because it is light and compact.


3 Compartment Tall Box with Lid

The 3 tall compartment box with Lid is perfect for storing more oversized makeup items like brushes or palettes. With three compartments and a lid, your items stay organised and protected.

Choosing Your Perfect Makeup Organiser

When selecting a makeup organiser, consider your needs and preferences. Assess the size of your makeup collection and available space. Consider your product types and preferred organisation method.

Also, choose an organiser that suits your style and decor. HOUZE offers various makeup organisers in different styles and colours, ensuring you'll find the perfect match.

Glam Up Your Space with HOUZE!

Makeup organisers are indispensable for any makeup lover in Singapore. They help you stay organised and maintain your beauty products in tip-top condition. HOUZE offers a wide selection of makeup organisers catering to different needs and preferences. You'll find the perfect organiser whether you have a large or small makeup collection.

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