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How To Dry Clothes Quickly: The Most Common and The Most Unusual Ways to Do It

Aug 6, 2019 Brien Chua

How to dry clothes quickly? It can be an easy thing to do when it is a sunny day. All you have to do is to get clothes drying rack, put it under the sun, put your clothes on it, and there you go. The sun shines through your clothes and it will dry quickly. But in most countries where the sun only shines once in a blue moon, drying clothes quickly could be a hard task.

Most people hate washing their clothes. Seeing their laundry baskets or laundry bags full of dirty clothes would make them think twice whether to start washing these or not. After deciding to wash these dirty clothes, another problem is how to dry clothes quickly. 

Common Ways to Dry Your Clothes Quickly

In this article, we will give you the most unusual ways on how to dry clothes quickly that you may not think will work. But first, let us talk about the common ways we are doing in drying our clothes.

  1. Get the hangers and pegs and let your clothes dry under the sun. As we have mentioned earlier, the best and the most common way on how to dry clothes quickly is by hanging the clothes in a drying rack and putting your clothes under the sun to let them dry. Use the hangers and pegs to hang your clothes in a drying rack and let the sun do its job.
  2. Use a drying machine. A drying machine is also an alternative in drying clothes under the sun. If you have this machine at home, you can easily let your clothes dry. Just put your clothes inside the tumbler of the dryer, spin the timer and wait for the button to stop. Once it stops, you have now dry clothes that are ready to iron.

These are the two common ways that we always do when we have wet clothes. But what if these two ways are impossible to do due to some reasons like it is raining and you do not own a drying machine?

You don’t have to worry! We collect the most unusual things to do if you run out of the first two options and we will be sharing them with you.

The Most Unusual Ways to on How to Dry Clothes Quickly

Like what we have stated earlier, hanging clothes on the line wrong way affects the drying of your clothes. It may be you don’t have an available drying machine at home or it's neither a sunny day. But as promised; below are the smartest tips we can give if you need your clothes to dry fast.

  • If it is a windy day, hang your clothes in an open area. One of the possible climate, when the sun is not available, is being windy. Since rain is always associated with wind, use that chance to dry out your clothes. Clothes swing as they are blown by the winds, resulting in the water on the clothes to be washed out by the wind.
  • You may get a hairdryer as a substitute for a drying machine. If you are only planning to dry a single handkerchief or a thin shirt, then a hairdryer will do. Just wring the cloth tighter to lessen its wetness, hang it and use the hair-dyer just like how you use it drying your hair.
  • Use your bath towel and an electric fan. This is best to use for heavier and thicker clothes like jackets or denim. Once again, hold your clothes tightly on both ends, twist it to wrench out more water. Then get a towel, lay down the clothes above the towel, roll up the towel with the cloth inside it and then squeeze them together.

    Doing that will make the towel absorb some of the water left in the cloth. After this process, you may now hang your cloth and put an electric fan in front of it and let the air of the fan dry out the cloth.

  • Use a dry-cotton fabric and an iron. Again, squeeze your wet clothes tightly so that it will excrete more water. After that, lay the cloth down in an ironing board, put the dry fabric above it and start ironing the cloth. There are different types of ironing boards to choose from. Repeat ironing it until it becomes dry.

Drying racks are really great and come in handy to dry your clothes with ease. If you're looking to buy one, check out our must-have clothes drying racks guide to choose the right one. Alongside, You may follow these ways if you want to but keep in mind that these are only guides. You have to remember that doing these tricks in drying your clothes may damage the quality of your clothes. An example is ironing your clothes while it is wet is not that good option. But if you will be doing these tricks once or twice in a month, maybe it will still be fine. Still, the best way to get your dry clothes is through the sun or you should get yourself a dyer, iron the clothes and keep them in a clean cabinet. You might also be interested to read these 4 effective tips on how to clean a messy house.

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