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Space-Saving Solutions: Transform Your Home with These 10 Genius Ideas

Nov 8, 2022 HOUZE Shopify

Today, the skyrocketing cost of housing and rentals has greatly affected millions globally, and there is no doubt why most of the biggest cities in the world often have the smallest homes. 

Singapore is no exception. Based on the latest Home Attainability Index last May this year, private homes in this state are now the most expensive in the Asia-Pacific region at 2,600 Singaporean Dollars, having overtaken Hong Kong. 

Why is this the case? Singapore is known as one of the world's leading smart cities that has gained worldwide recognition. It is often praised for its effectiveness, high technology, and innovations that enhance the citizen's standard of living. Singapore has been forced to use a vertical approach to urban planning because of the country's limited land resources and growing populations of Singaporeans and foreigners. If you want to know more about the reasons behind its high cost of living, you may check this article and discover the 8 Reasons Why The Cost of Living Is So High in Singapore

Do you think the high cost of living in small apartments squeezes your budget and space? How can you create a vast space at home? What are the ways to improve the quality of your living?

We hear you, and we are here to help you!

So, cheer up! Is it also an opportunity to think outside the box and embrace minimalism, where storage solutions are exemplified? Surprise! Here are ten genius ideas and space-saving solutions for every area of your home.

Invest in Your Bedroom, Your Place of Sanctuary

There is no place like home. Heading towards your bedroom, your place of comfort and rest, is the first thing you might do after a long day at work. Do you wonder how to maximise its space while still following the principles of minimalism?

Here are brilliant ideas you can do to create more space in your bedroom. 

1.) Go for a Clothing Rack Instead of Bulky Dressers or Conventional Cabinets

Bulky dressers often occupy your floor space, so clothing racks are perfect for small rooms! They take up minimal space, which can be placed anywhere– next to a wall, behind a door, or even in an unused corner. 

You can hang your favourite OOTD, scarves, caps, or sweaters. Not only that, you may also fold the rack once empty during your laundry day. You see? It's double purpose! You can use it as a storage solution for your fashion items and a drying rack.

2.) Under-Bed Storage: A Clutter-Free Bedroom Solution

Under-bed storage is a must-have to tidy up your bedroom! If you are a sentimental but a minimalist resident, this practical item is perfect for you! From the word itself. “under-bed”, your collections like socks, hankies, and purses can be hidden under your bed without worrying about your limited space and clutter. You may also keep your pillowcases, blankets, and towels in this storage for easy access.

That way, you can walk around your room without stress. By using under-bed storage, not only are you organising, but you are also adding extra space to make your room more cozy!

3. ) Not Your Ordinary Bookshelf for Your Books!

Some people use their bedroom to spend their solitude time reading a novel. If you are a bookworm with tons of books and having difficulty organising your books, the swing bookshelf shelf answers your dilemma! 

This functional item provides a 360-degree two-way rotatable feature and a visually appealing look to your room since it can be displayed in the corner of your room! It allows you to use space that might have remained unused and maximise space utilisation for your books. You can also use it as a standee for your photo frame, alarm clock, or even diffuser.

Organising your bedroom is necessary, especially for remote workers like us, the writers! However, because of the rapid growth of digital nomads since the COVID-19 pandemic. How how do you set limits in your bedroom and still create an ambience of breather?

Try These Small Bedroom Workspace Ideas!

Create a space that promotes Work and Life Balance! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people live and work. It is undeniable that most people used to work at home even if we had already survived the phase of the global crisis. That is why the desire for work-conducive bedroom office ideas has increased. 

Surely! Setting up your desk in a specific corner at home is best. But what if you don't have the luxury of another space to use as an office? You are left without a choice but to use your sanctuary as an option!

Check out these tips to optimise your room both for rest and productivity!

4.) Sit and Store in Style with an Ottoman! 

Do you enjoy drinking coffee or tea during your break time? How can you comfortably sit at your desk without worrying if there is enough space to walk around your room? Ottoman is an excellent addition to any room - whether a study room, perfect for every student or an office, ideal for remote workers!

Since everyone faces space insufficiency at home, choosing multifunctional furniture is crucial. Ottomans are versatile and functional pieces everyone can have, especially those looking for the best way to organise their files, office, or school supplies. 

This furniture provides a storage solution, comfortable seat, coffee table, and footrest. It's time to change your classic wooden coffee table into a pair of upholstered ottomans to give your spaces a softer and more plush look. If you use it as a coffee table, it is vital to ensure the foam is rigid enough to hold the coffee tray firmly. 

Ottomans are known for their built-in storage compartment that can hide everything in plain sight: bags, shoes, extra cushions, school and work supplies, accessories, etc. With an ottoman, you can sit with comfort and store in style!

5.) Stay Focused with a Multidrawer Desk!

A tidy study table and workspace help you stay focused and productive throughout the day. How can you fight against distractions and stay organised in your bedroom office? Multi Drawer Desks got your back! 

They are perfect for keeping all the documents, stationeries, and work equipment you need, providing quick access.

Failure to declutter interrupts how well you can study or do your job. You can group your items according to their categories in a multi-drawer desk without using too many drawers—for example, group the paper clips, bookmark stickers, and bulletin pins. You can also group the staplers, punchers, and scissors in another corner—lastly, group the cables, chargers, and electronics. Say farewell to distractions with a cluttered desk!

6.) Maximise Your Office File Organiser!

It must be overwhelming to check tons of paperwork if you are a professor, lawyer or accountant. An office file organiser can be your best friend! How can it help you? Categorise your physical documents into client documents, billing invoices, reports, or examination papers. Each category can also have a level of subtypes. 

For instance, you can sort your client's documents based on their cases. This strategy helps you quickly identify which documents to keep and organise orderly for easy access.

Another way is to use an alphabetical order according to your client's last names. Consider arranging it chronologically based on their dates or how recent the documents are. Last is using coloured tabs or label markers. You can save time whenever you browse for documents because they are organised according to colour codes and texts. 

You can finally find undivided rest in your bedroom with the ideas mentioned earlier. Speaking of rest, there is another space at home where we spend time relaxing with our loved ones and friends, none other than the living room! Because this area is the centre of entertainment, accommodation, and warmth, a vast space in this area is a must!

What are the ways to create a spacious living room, then? We'd like you to try some creative ideas!

 A. Turn Your Living Room Into a Welcoming Space for Your Guests!

Organising a living room with a small space is challenging because this place is tricky as this room is known to be the centre of gatherings in the house. How do you balance making it feel as spacious as possible while adding extra storage and keeping it stylish? Let's find out!

7.) Organize and Display Smartly with Foldable Storage Solutions

Your living room is the perfect space to converse well with your visitors. Let's say a brief history of your family tree or how you met your spouse if you are married. 

Even if you have a small space in the living room, don't worry! Large open shelves bring a sense of depth and grounding that looks best even if not filled. It is vital to allow for some space and use foldable storage shelves to curate your home gallery by displaying your favourite artworks and decors or photographs, ensuring an elegant mix of different shapes and colours at home. 

You can decorate your home and display recognition awards from the company or your children's trophies on this multipurpose foldable shelf, showing how proud you are!

8.) Replace Traditional Sofas with Bean Bags!

As you embrace minimalism, you may have wondered if bean bag couches suit your home. Many answered that an old, sagging sofa is uncomfortable to sit on and can be painful to nap on, which may lead to increased back pain. 

A large bean bag does not have this problem because it is full of durable pellets and is crush-resistant and dense, so it stays comfortable for many years. It can be easily replaced if the filling wears out, and it is cheap compared to repairing traditional sofas where springs are already twisted because of too much sitting. Worst, you need to buy a new sofa set! 

The bean bag's filling is adjustable according to your preference and needs. You may choose between a firm or soft couch. Another thing is that a traditional sofa is inflexible! It is challenging to move around in your room, unlike a bean bag sofa that is lightweight and flexible! You can lift it yourself; it is easier to move around your space when reorganising your living room!

There you go! With these storage solutions for a small living room, you can maximise your space and promote a relaxing and cosy gathering hub where the conversation starts and unforgettable bonding happens. But that's not where it ends! Because there's a special place called the heart of the home– the Kitchen. It is a place that welcomes you warmly with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, natural herbs, and spices of delicious meals cooked for your family. With its inviting atmosphere, it is crucial to have extra space to enjoy every meal, more bonding, and heart-to-heart conversation! 

B. Maximise your Kitchen Space with Hanging Baskets and Dish Drainers! 

A small kitchen can be charming and challenging for home cooks or someone who loves to prepare and cook delicious meals. Its compact size requires an efficient organisation to maximise the available space and needs a careful balance between functionality and visual appeal. If you are wondering how to transform your small Kitchen into a stylish, efficient and spacious culinary haven, check out and try our space-saving solutions below! 

9.) Organise your Kitchen in Style with Hanging Baskets

If you love decorating your home, consider hanging baskets in your Kitchen. There is just so charming about them, which brings a sleek vibe! The most common problem for residences is a small space between the dining area and Kitchen. That's why every inch of your counter space matters here. You feel like everything must be put away on a shelf or in a drawer, or you will be stressed by over-cluttering!

It is inevitable to make dinner without making a mess in your Kitchen! You might be tempted to keep a bowl of fruits or vegetables on your kitchen counter, but that equates to a vast portion of the counter space. What's the best solution? Hanging baskets!

This storage solution can keep the ingredients above you so you can focus on cooking a heartful meal for everyone without hassle!

10.) Make Kitchen Clean-Up a Breeze with Dish Drainers

Cleaning and washing dishes is one of the common problems of most people after a meal and storing them afterwards. So, if you want to do the job quickly, a space-saving dish drainer with more compartments is the right choice! It can efficiently maximise countertop space in today's compact kitchen spaces. It allows dishes, utensils, and cookware to air dry vertically after washing and organise them while optimising space, unlike traditional cupboards and utensil cabinets that eat up a lot of space.

Dish drainers help us eliminate the need for bulky drying towels or racks that occupy valuable kitchen surfaces. A well-organised dish drainer serves as a temporary storage solution, keeping dishes, utensils, and glassware within easy access while they dry. If you want a dual-functional kitchen accessory, choose the space-saving Dish Drainer to maximise the vertical space and maintain a clutter-free kitchen while saving precious counters and storage space! 

Be Minimalist with Our Space-Saving Solutions and Genius Ideas!

Whatever you choose, we hope for these top ten genius ideas and saving solutions. Stay tuned and explore our website if you find this blog article helpful! To know more about us, please check our website!

Do you need help finding the best space-saving solutions? Browse through our available storage solution items now! Because at HOUZE, we make room for what truly matters.

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