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Bundle Deal - Kitchen Necessities (Set Of 6)

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Set Includes:
1. Multi Wonder Rice Container (28.5L x 38W x 18.5H cm) x1
2: Gradient Chopping Board (Large: 37L x 28W x 2H cm) -White x1
3: Extendable Stainless Steel Sink Drainer (53L x 15.7W x 1.8H cm) x1
4: Overhead Shelf Hanging Basket - Coffee (28L x 26W x 20H cm) x1
5: 2 Tier Kitchen Corner Rack - Large (32.6L x 19.5W x 35H cm) x1
6: Grocery Bag Holder (17L x 9.5W x 27.5H cm) x1

HOUZE - Multi Wonder Rice Container

Material: Virgin Polypropylene, ABS
Dimension: 28.5L x 38W x 18.5H cm

The Multi Wonder Rice Container will fill you with delight because it is simple yet packed with features. It is suitable not only for rice but cereal, flour, snacks, pet food, or anything you want to store! It is made with 100% food-grade, semi-transparent material with swivel lid for easy opening. You can insert a divider on the slot to store two grains in one container, or just maximize the space for one. The bottom is wheeled for portability, too!


  • Food-grade and durable material that is 100% safe to use
  • Swiveling lid for easy access
  • Cover comes with a compartment for food storage
  • Box comes with a measuring cup and middle divider
  • With bottom wheels to move easily even when fully loaded

HOUZE - Gradient Chopping Board (Large: 37x28x2cm) - White

Material: Virgin Polypropylene
Dimension: 37L x 28W x 2H cm

This Gradient Chopping Board from HOUZE is the best of both world's visually pleasing while boasting its robust design, too. The material used is high quality, food-grade engineered plastic that's guaranteed safe for your health. The anti-slip and leakproof design ensure that your chopped items don't spill and waste. It has smooth, rounded edges for your safety. This kitchen tool will fit right into your home!

  • 100% safe, durable and healthy food-grade plastic material
  • Leakproof and anti-slip design to prevent waste
  • Handle for easy-lifting and hanging
  • non-toxic, odorless and eco-friendly
  • Available in a variety of colors

HOUZE - Extendable Stainless Steel Sink Drainer

Material: Stainless Steel, ABS
Dimension: 31-53L x 15.7W x 1.8H cm

Extendable Stainless Steel Sink Drainer's Features:

  • High-quality stainless steel and ABS non-slip casing
  • Can be used for air-drying utensils or as a colander
  • Extendable handle to fit most sinks
  • Effective carrying capacity of up to 3kg
  • Rustproof and heat-resistant

HOUZE - Overhead Shelf Hanging Basket - Coffee (Dim: 28x26x20cm)


Material: Cast Iron
Dimension: 27L x 25.5W x 19.5H cm
Running low on shelves to store your stuff? This Overhead Shelf Hanging Basket - Coffee (Dim: 28x26x20cm)  adds extra storage space you need! It attaches perfectly under counters like desks, wardrobe or cupboards without the need for installation hardware. Just simply slide the arms to the counter to secure it. This carbon steel-made basket can carry loads up to 5kg. it is rustproof and does not damage surfaces with its rubber tips. You can use it for your kitchenware, office supplies, jars, and more!

Overhead Shelf Hanging Basket - Coffee (Dim: 28x26x20cm) Features:

  • Durable and elegant carbon steel design
  • Multi-purpose basket that can fit anywhere, from kitchen to office
  • Just slide in counter top to install
  • Effective carrying capacity of up to 5kg
  • Rubber tips to protect the surface from scratches

HOUZE - 2 Tier Kitchen Corner Rack - Large

Material: Cast Iron
Dimension: 32.6L x 19.5W x 35H cm

An organized kitchen brings more creativity and inspiration when cooking meals for the family. This 2 Tier Kitchen Corner Rack - Large from Houze ensures that your countertop is clean and kitchen essentials are correctly organized. It is made of high-quality Carbon steel that is sleek, durable and sturdy to carry even heavy items.

This streamlined design is space-saving and can fit any corner well. It has non-slip feet to prevent objects from falling over accidentally. It’s easy to clean and non-toxic, giving your kitchen additional storage space for a neater corner.


  • Made with tough Carbon steel
  • Nonslip feet for stability
  • Streamlined design to fit any theme
  • Additional storage and space-saving corner rack
  • Rust-resistant and eco-friendly
  • Comes in different sizes

HOUZE - Grocery Bag Holder

Material: Virgin Polypropylene
Dimension: 17L x 9.5W x 27.5H cm

You don't have to dump grocery bags in cabinets when you have this Grocery Bag Holder. The ergonomic design allows you to keep your plastics in one place. Mount it on the wall and place the bags inside the container, and take out one by one as you need them. The dispensing slot is made with durable engineered plastic that is waterproof, breathable and washable. It's a great way to organize and tidy up your plastics!

Grocery Bag Holder Features:

  • Made from 100% safe to use plastic that's durable and high-quality
  • Organizes grocery bags so you can find them easily
  • Wall mounting with suction cups and an adhesive tape
  • non-toxic, odorless and eco-friendly
  • Waterproof, washable and breathable material

Bundle Deal - Kitchen Necessities (Set Of 6)

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