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SLIM - 3 Tier Foldable Storage Shelf

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Material: Metal
Open Dimension: 72L x 34W x 90H cm
Closed Dimension: 34L x 10W x 125.2H cm

Unveiling the HOUZE - SLIM Collection: A Revelation in Smart Home Storage

Reimagine Living Spaces with the Ultimate Clutter Solution
As living dynamics constantly shift, the HOUZE - SLIM - 3 Tier Foldable Storage Shelf is a sophisticated answer to age-old clutter conundrums. Meticulously crafted from robust carbon steel, these shelves promise longevity while tailoring perfectly to your requirements. With dimensions of a mere (72L x 34W x 90H)cm, this range boasts solidity, with the skill to fold and tuck away discreetly. A handy lock ensures it remains steadfast, whilst the 360° rotating wheels make relocating it child's play.

A Symphony of Functionality and Elegance
More than just a storage aid, the HOUZE - SLIM collection encapsulates a blend of purpose and elegance. Its versatile design enables it to grace any room—your lounge, bedroom, workspace, or kitchen—merging impeccably whilst safeguarding your cherished possessions and trinkets. Drawing cues from chic modern living, it presents a svelte, space-conservative answer harmonising with up-to-the-minute interiors.

Meet the Star: The HOUZE - SLIM - 3-Tier Foldable Storage Shelf
It's more than a product; it's a philosophy. Slim, sleek, and efficient, this shelf embodies the spirit of modern storage. It respects the ever-evolving demands of today's households, ensuring adaptability without cutting corners.

Experience Clutter-free Bliss
Banish the mess and welcome a serene, structured sanctuary. The HOUZE - SLIM - 3 Tier Foldable Storage Shelf offers a straightforward approach to bid farewell to disarray. Its trio of generous tiers invites you to organise various items stylishly—from novels and ornaments to culinary gadgets and paperwork. Embrace the quintessential ally for a streamlined life.

Flexible, Compact, and Dashing to Boot
But this shelf isn't just a symbol of order—it's the epitome of adaptability. Its collapsible nature allows instant storage, giving you more room to breathe. Coupled with its pivotal wheels, relocating it is a breeze. Sculpted from staunch carbon steel, it promises durability. Its polished design adds a dash of finesse, whilst a mobile lock guarantees unwavering stability.

Elevate your domicile with the HOUZE - SLIM - 3-Tier Foldable Storage Shelf. Revel in the delights of an organised, clutter-free abode. Wave farewell to disorder and greet effortless sophistication. Your home deserves this touch of magic.

- Fold and store away when not in use
- With a portable lock for stable usage
- 360 ° rotatable wheels for easy maneuver
- Suitable for living room, bedroom, office space and kitchen
- Durable Carbon Steel

SLIM - 3 Tier Foldable Storage Shelf

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